The Sketch Of A Character

There is an internal which directs the form of ones foundational truth, the very cause of the individual. Yet also, the external influences… the soil to that roots our existence, to that we live. We can not find solidity in absolute if the internal and external do not intertwine. A natural nature of ethical and moral compass that derives from this solidity of foundational truth in ones self.

Without moral structure we crack the very foundation of the pillars that uphold the laws of self and the soil that roots our very existence. In this the evidence is overwhelming, it’s affirmation rests within our hearts. We are designed in this fundamental absolute… to each, we are this. An intelligent design created for a higher truth. One to which holds it, can not escape it. For it is woven in the very fabric of ones being. In this it is easy to governor the soul and reside to it’s formative force by nature and give to it’s solitude duty, commanded within. Unfolding self to a sincere directness of ones intentions. Indeed we are called to the courageous heart of self. Where the sketch of a character is always witness to it’s own absolute, in life’s episodes of good and evil, we must proclaim higher truth within. Where in life’s defeat and extreme peril we recognize the promise of conspicuous valour that gives testimony in the absolute of self. Human expression is always meant for greatness, if only we will our own truth to simply exist in it. For indeed the first thing to remark of one’s self formed in absolute of highest truth… is intense resolve and self governance for a better humanity. — The sketch of a character.