Our trajectory of time perceives far different when we find ourselves in the phases of grief. To that loss of a loved one pronounces upon the spirit with indelicate force. Time it seems to move through stillness, like a shadow against the wall invading your internal space and every facet to that you once existed within and the once familiar world outside yourself, falls from the existence to all that was true. The once stream that flowed it’s essence of life to which one values in their day to day, falls from your very touch and sight. You etch upon the surface of imprints in your history of time and the future of time you once thought would carry the length of a life… like a manuscript awaiting it’s timeless finish. You find yourself moving through the shadow that invaded your timeless masterpiece. Collecting the memories as if your afraid death will take them too. Yet as my late husband a pilot, would have it … he hovers in or near our consciousness. Finding ways to move us through our time past and present, imprinting us in memories forever kept. Indeed he is timeless…infinite in his presence. The memories precipitating a flight into an eternity, that already formed it’s existence. As you press full throttle into the imprints of life that were you… past and present, there is an all knowing. You find happiness in the exploration, even the deconstruction to the time you imagined before you. Then revision…and you recognize that in spirit our loved ones move within, they’ve moved through to that place where our incarnation of all knowing for them is beyond absolute. Where highest truth is conceived past any concept we can understand in the physical. Where the concept of an “indestructible soul” is immanent. Thus, the all knowing… indeed there is life after death.




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Jackie Fitzgerald

Jackie Fitzgerald

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