A Silhouette Christmas

A silhouette of Christmas time reflects upon the snow, shadows of times past that once kept our spirits aglow. Fragile the silver sheen ice creates a frozen chill.. no meet and greet, upon the streets less lit and darker than years a still. Silently we part … forgetting the Christmas gift is not in the package but the heart of each soul. Igniting the spirit of Christ mas still evoke tidings of comfort and joy. For not the darkest night of winter can take from spirits that understand and give their hearts to the silhouette a Christmas birthed, still rejoiced. It must be Christmas … strife is forgotten, let peace overflow, where children give to footsteps and carve angels in the snow, with singing voices “away in a manger” and Saint Nicholas soon to be near. Let the air and hearts fill with joy and cheer. Pine tree fragrance cover the hearth of home with candles and lights that warm allowing the aroma of grace to stir within reminding us all from young to old… we are not alone. Purer is the light that shines a will to see beauty everywhere, that bleakness is in the darkened heart that scrooge has tried to overcome. Even the rosebush bowed with white bliss as if it’s work is done with thorns like diamonds glistens it’s softer edge as we look upon the windows ledge. Wrapped in winter’s hue the weather vivid a blue jay reminds us how to be brave and bold in a world that feels of cold. To greet the brisk air with tender care and nest our worries for December has seen it’s times of flurries, with icy winds and snowy drifts etching souls in it’s silver frosted nights gripping her frozen head to sleep upon a winters deep. Yet open thy heart and soul where gratitude speaks to awaken… go within and look up upon the sky, on the night of Christmas eve, a star shines… it’s there for all to see. A silhouette Christmas.